Google Drive to SharePoint Document Library Move

This article will help you move your Google Drive files to a SharePoint Document Library.

Before You Start


  • Go to your Google Drive at .

  • Select all the documents in the Drive you'd like to move to SharePoint, right-click on the files, and choose "Download" in the dropdown menu.

  • Download Files from Google Shared Drive
  • When your drive files have downloaded into a compressed zipped file, unzip the downloaded file in the Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder.

  • Log in to SharePoint Online, and choose a documents library in a SharePoint site where you want to migrate Shared Drive files to.

  • Drag and drop the downloaded files from File Explorer to SharePoint Online to move files from Shared Drive to SharePoint Online.


Limitation: The process involves downloading and uploading, and the time depends on the Internet connection and the data size of the transfer. It might be much longer than you expect, especially when a large amount of data to be transferred.

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