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You are responsible for making the content in your ~ web space web accessible.  You must test your pages using a tool like WAVE from WebAim. As a NYS public institution we are required to follow WCAG A and AA web accessibility guidelines. 

SFTP Instructions for Windows and Mac


Off-campus users must first connect to VPN before connecting to our SFTP server.


  • Server:

  • Port: 22

  • Username: Your Geneseo network username without

  • Password: Your Geneseo network password

  • Authentication method: password

Host Key Identification

When connecting to, you'll be asked to confirm the host fingerprint. This fingerprint uniquely identifies the remote server and indicates that your connection is not being intercepted or tampered with. The exact fingerprint and format may differ based on your client and its configuration. Our current host key fingerprints are:

Current Server

These are our fingerprints as of Feb 17, 2022:


    • 2c:fd:ba:5b:f7:54:4b:c7:09:0a:cc:2c:a2:04:eb:19 (md5)

    • OL8Khw5nGQ3se/0KsKN/bw81zQDWlk7FK1iwC9Dt3pA (sha256)

  • ed25519

    • 4e:67:35:06:d4:31:c8:aa:fc:89:09:75:80:f5:05:65 (md5)

    • JswH9j5k0SuCtkyMCxO471367ivLrLzwXLsVsmOmlLs (sha256)

  • RSA

    • 11:0a:83:f5:e2:bc:a2:b2:28:dc:e2:f1:40:ea:c6:f0 (md5)

    • WcOUlWdKeMaFv0SefBINPnUgKoQ4pyRW2uRg/Lm20+o (sha256)

Previous Server (RSA)

  • 17:b3:d8:1e:99:58:a8:0c:26:96:c9:ea:2a:3d:48:5c (md5)

  • ibAfdkTaV7QDXf6TpqCTSOz4c6SgAvnppAZ1vY4Fnv8 (sha256)

SFTP Client Software

Neither Windows nor Mac have a built-in graphical method for accessing SFTP file shares, but there are a number of free clients for both operating systems that are known to work with our SFTP server.




Many text editors like Visual Studio Code, BBEdit, Notepad++, and others have native support or a plugin for editing files on an SFTP server.


Cyberduck is a libre (open source, donation-supported), cross-platform graphical SFTP client. Because it runs on both Mac and Windows, the following steps should allow you to connect to regardless of your operating system:

  1. Launch Cyberduck, click Open Connection

  2. Select SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) as the connection type

  3. Enter in the Server field

  4. Confirm the Port field indicates 22

  5. Enter your Geneseo network username

  6. Enter your Geneseo network password

  7. Check the Save Password checkbox

    If you do not check Save Password, Cyberduck will prompt you for your password for each file transfer you perform. Cyberduck saves your password to the macOS Keychain or Windows Credential Manager, which are secure, encrypted credential storage areas.

  8. Click Connect

  9. Confirm the fingerprint shown matches one of our valid fingerprints below, check Always, and click Allow.
      17:b3:d8:1e:99:58:a8:0c:26:96:c9:ea:2a:3d:48:5c (md5)
      ibAfdkTaV7QDXf6TpqCTSOz4c6SgAvnppAZ1vY4Fnv8 (sha256)

  10. If successful, you will see your public_html folder listed on the left. This folder contains the files served at

  11. You can now drag and drop files between your system and public_html in Cyberduck


    The security configuration of only allows users to modify the contents of their public_html folders; no other top-level files or folders can be created or modified.

Advanced Cyberduck

You can right click on a file in Cyberduck and select Edit With to pick your favorite editor to launch that file in. When you save that file in your editor, Cyberduck will automatically update the copy on the SFTP server.


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