Wiki Macros & Installed Plug-ins

Macros enhance your wiki pages in many ways. This page provides links to documentation about all the built in and third party macros we have installed.

Built-in Macros

Confluence has many built in macros to accomplish a wide range of things. From automatic table of contents generation, to including the content of one page into another, or displaying a dynamically updating list of pages based on labels and other attributes. The best documentation on all these macros is written and maintained by Atlassian and I highly recommend you consult their documentation.

Third Party Macros (Plug-ins)

CIT has purchased many different third party plugins over the years to enhance the features of our wiki. Some are quite powerful. They are all listed below with links to their documentation.

Multiexcerpt Plugin

Select multiple excerpts across a page or across different spaces and recombine them to aggregate your content the way you want. Overview or documentation.

Table Filter Macro

Filter tables with great flexibility and generate powerful pivot tables or infographics charts from source table data on the fly. Overview or documentation.

Advanced Tables

Communicate information that matters. Create tables with limitless potential. Overview or documentation.

LaTeX Plugin

A plug-in for displaying LaTeX in Confluence. Overview or documentation.

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