JIRA Workflow to Log Production Changes (IS) Update


When creating a new project in JIRA, you will need to edit the existing workflow to include the ability to log a production change.

Step-by-step guide

Here is how you edit your workflow to include the Log Production Change transition:

  1. Click the JIRA administration menu (gear icon in upper-right corner of page)

  2. Choose Issues

  3. Select Workflows from the menu on the left sidebar

  4. Scroll down to the default workflow for the project (typically Software Simplified Workflow for ...)

  5. Click Copy to create a new workflow based on the original

  6. Name the new workflow

    1. <PROJECT PREFIX>: Basic Workflow with Production Change

  7. Add a transition to called Log Production Change from In Progress to In Progress

  8. Click on the Log Production Change transition

  9. Click Post Functions

  10. Click Add Post Function

  11. Choose Create Subtask

  12. Set the following parameters:

    1. Subtask Condition =   Create if original issue is a subtask.

    2. Summary = Production Change: %original_summary%

    3. Assignee = jackson

    4. Leave all others as their default

  13. Save the function

  14. Click Publish Draft

    1. go through the migration process

    2. there shouldn't be any existing Log Production Change issues, so you can just accept the default

  15. Click Workflow Schemes from the sidebar

  16. Choose Edit on the projects scheme

  17. Change the existing workflow

    1. Choose Add Workflow

    2. Choose the <PROJECT PREFIX>: Basic Workflow with Production Change workflow

    3. Assign All Unassigned Issue Types to this workflow

  18. Add a second workflow for Log Production Change

    1. Choose Add Workflow again

    2. Choose Log Production Change workflow

    3. Choose Log Production Change sub task for this workflow 

  19. You should now be able to log production changes with your project!


You must be a JIRA administrator to update a workflow. Please see @Former user (Deleted) or @Paul Jackson for assistance in updating your workflow.