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Self Help - myPhone Bill Instructions

What is myPhone Bill?

myPhone Bill  is a web-based service that gives customers 24/7 access to their campus CIT Telephone Services account data.

How to Access myPhone Bill

You can access your CIT Telephone Services account through myGeneseo . Enter your Geneseo username and password. You will be redirected to the secure PAETEC Communications customer portal.

  1. my account:

    • The Personal Data tab contains personal information such as account name and email address.

  2. my bills:

    • The Curr. Balance tab indicates current balance on your Telephone Services account.

    • The View bill tab allows you to access call detail and charges associated with the monthly summary email bill notice. To view or print call detail, select PDF as the "Output Method" and click on the bill date you wish to review. Select a print option to produce a paper copy.

  3. tools:

    • The Price a Call tab can help determine the cost of a call by simply entering a date for a call, the number you are calling from (remove your PBN from the field) and the To number (complete with area code). Enter the call duration in increments of one minute (one minute is the default). Click "Price my call".

    • This service can also be used to accurately determine International call rates.

  4. home, help and logout are self explanatory.

    • Always remember to log out out of the system to secure your personal data!

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