Maple Install instructions

Steps for macOS

  1. Download Maple2023.1MacInstaller.dmg from

  2. Open the .dmg, then double-click "Maple2023.1MacInstaller" (enter administrator password if prompted)

  3. Click "Next" to progress the installation, then accept the license agreement and click "Next" again

  4. Click "Next" to accept the default install path (/Applications/Maple 2023)

  5. Click the "Single User License" button, then click "Next"

  6. Click "Next" and wait for update check; then click "Next" to begin installation

  7. After installation, make sure "Activate Maple 2023 now" box is checked, then click "Finish"

  8. When prompted for a purchase code, enter 9RBXYQH6CGH2CAA2, then click "Next"

  9. Fill out activation form (red fields are required), check the box to consent, uncheck the box for Maplesoft Product Announcements, and then click "Next" to finish activation

Steps for Windows

  1. Download from

  2. Once the file finishes downloading, navigate to your downloads folder, right-click click on Maple2023.1WindowsX64Installer and select Extract All

  3. Make sure the box is checked for "Show extracted files when complete" then click Extract

  4. Double-click setup-windows.exe

  5. On the Setup - Maple screen, click “Next".

  6. Read the license agreement then select "I accept the agreement", then click “Next”.

  7. Click “Next” to accept the default installation directory.

  8. Choose whether or not you’d like a desktop shortcut, then click “Next”.

  9. Make sure “Single User License” is chosen, then click “Next”.

  10. On the Check for Updates screen, make sure none of the options are checked, then click Next

  11. On the Pre-Installation Summary screen, click Next

  12. Once the install is complete, ensure the “Activate Maple 2023 now” box is checked, then click “Finish”.

  13. On the Maplesoft Activation screen, enter 9RBXYQH6CGH2CAA2 for the purchase code, then click “Next".

  14. Fill in the fields highlighted in red (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Institution)

  15. Check the box for I consent to the collection of information as described above then click “Next”.

  16. You’ll then see a pop-up confirming successful activation. Click “OK” to finish the install process.

  17. Maple 2023 is now installed.

The first time you open Maple, you may see a notice about Maple expiring in less than 60 days. This is an expected notification, click OK to dismiss the message.


  1. This license renews annually in the month of September

  2. VPN access is not required to use this software, but you will need an active internet connection during the installation to activate the software

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