LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online training library that teaches the latest software, creative and business skills through high-quality instructional videos taught by recognized industry experts. Geneseo students, faculty and staff have FREE access to the entire LinkedIn Learning training library (over 7,500 courses, and more are added every week) through Geneseo's site license.

What you can do with LinkedIn Learning

  • Manage information in your personal profile

  • Keep track of your course history and recent activity

  • Bookmark your favorite courses, tutorials, and specific points within movies

  • Earn certificates of course completion

  • Access from your own devices

  • Create playlists

Getting Started with LinkedIn Learning

  • Learn anywhere at anytime. LinkedIn Learning courses can be accessed 24/7 on any desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device (iOS and Android).

  • Tap into LinkedIn Learning’s web-based tutorials to zero in on just the information needed to solve problems, perform specific tasks or quickly update skills.

  • Create and share playlists or browse curated playlists compiled by LinkedIn Learning experts.


  • Take tutorials to help with coursework

  • Learn techniques for your own projects

  • Build technical skills to enhance your resume

Teaching & Pedagogy Tips


  • Assign tutorials for project or course work

  • Incorporate LinkedIn Learning in your syllabi

  • Provide tutorials to supplement a course

  • Align video content with a project you have assigned in class (e.g. if students are creating multimedia project, they may need to watch videos on using Photoshop or iMovie in order to complete the project)

  • Have students answer specific questions about the content in the video (e.g. there can be a set of guiding questions they can go through as they watch to help them understand the material better)

  • Have students ask questions or share notes about the content in the videos - take it a bit further and use tools such as the built in note taking tool for online discussions that can be shared with the whole class

  • Have students create a quick guide to using the tool they learned about in the video, to share with other students

  • Assign students sections to take notes on to then share with the class, such as "most helpful tips."

  • Discussion forum: Post a reflection or an area for students to troubleshoot each other's questions.

  • Don't quiz students on the videos. Students may already know the technology and the LinkedIn Learning video tutorial shouldn't be mandatory unless it is being used for a necessary (and authentic) task. 

  • LinkedIn Learning tutorials should be viewed as self-help, point-of-need tool rather than a part of the curriculum, unless it is a basic computer science course, or in a scenario where the video would be essential to student learning.

Professional Development

  • Develop employee performance objectives that include LinkedIn Learning courses

  • Access work-related learning opportunities to enhance performance and career development

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