Federated Login (SSO) Troubleshooting

This is the landing page for everyone who experiences an error accessing a third-party service via our federated login system. It offers some workaround suggestions and info on how to get help from the CIT HelpDesk.


  1. Please try to access the service in a Private / Incognito browser window. These offer a clean slate and help rule out the possibility that data in your preferred browser are interfering with the login process.

  2. Please try restarting your computer, then try step 1 again. This gives us confidence there were no Private / Incognito windows already open when you attempted step 1. It also triggers some mild cleanup in most web browsers.

Getting Help

Submit an Ask CIT! request, including:

  1. Enough info to identify the service you tried to access. A link to the service is especially helpful!

  2. When you tried to access the service.

Some third-party services are restricted to certain types of users. CIT should be able to confirm your account's eligibility for services that we have configured for our users.

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