3rd Party (External Apps) Integration Notes

This self help document is a collection of informations about the integrations installed for all courses. You can link to them through course modules and create assignments for assessment tools

Importing Grades from an 3rd Party Applications

Most 3rd Party Apps (TopHat, Publisher Content, Mastering, etc.) will import grades into your course's first Assignment Group. Please contact your vendor’s representative if you would like assistance setting up your grade book with an external application. If the joint realization is made that a Brightspace administrator is required for this process, please contact the Brightspace support team for assistance.

Installed 3rd Party Apps

3rd Party App Name

Company Information

Self Help Documentation

Privacy Policy

Accessibility Information


3rd Party App Name

Company Information

Self Help Documentation

Privacy Policy

Accessibility Information



Badgr homepage

Badgr Knowledge Base

Badgr Privacy Policy

Badgr Accessibility Statement (incl. VPAT)

not in Brightspace

Barnes & Noble College

Barnes & Noble College website

Barnes & Noble College contact form

Barnes & Noble College Privacy Policy

Barnes & Noble College Accessibility Statement

not in Brightspace

Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally homepage

Blackboard Help

Blackboard Privacy Statement

Blackboard Accessibility Commitment

Cengage Learning MindTap
Web Assign

Cengage LMS Integration

Cengage Customer Support

Cengage Platform Help

Training Information

Cengage Privacy Statement

Cengage Accessibility (includes VPAT)

CirQlive MEETS

CirQlive MEETS LMS integration

CirQlive knowledge base

CirQlive Privacy Policy

CirQlive VPAT

not In Brightspace


Edpuzzle homepage

Edpuzzle Help Center

Edpuzzle Privacy Center

Edpuzzle Accessibility: VPAT 2.0

Films on Demand (Infobase)

Films on Demand website

Films on Demand Support

Infobase Data Security and Privacy Policy

sent an inquiry

FlatWorld Homework

FlatWorld Homepage

FlatWorld Contact & Support

FlatWorld Privacy Policy

FlatWorld Accessibility (includes VPAT)


Flipgrid homepage

Flipgrid Help Center

Flipgrid Privacy Policy

Microsoft Accessibility Conformance Reports

Google Apps (Google Workspace)

Canvas Release: Google Apps 3rd Party App 

Embedding Content Using the Public Resources 3rd Party App (Canvas) 

Google Privacy Policy

Google Accessibility for Customers and Partners (includes VPATs for all products)


Hypothes.is homepage

Hypothes.is Help Center

Hypothes.is Privacy Statement

Hypothes.is Accessibility (incl. VPAT)

Khan Academy

Khan Academy Homepage

Embedding Content Using the Public Resources 3rd Party App (Canvas) 

Khan Academy Privacy Policy

How Does Khan Academy Make Our Content More Accessible?

LibApps Library Content

Milne Library Research Guides

Embedding Content Using the Public Resources 3rd Party App (Canvas) 

Springshare Help Center

Springshare Privacy Policy

LibGuides VPAT (hosted at CUNY)

5 Tips to Help You Build Accessible LibGuides Content

not in Brightspace


Lingo Language Labs homepage

Lingco Privacy Policy

Lingco VPAT

LockDown Browser

Respondus Website

Respondus Lockdown Browser

LockDown Browser - Faculty Instructions for Canvas

Installing & Using LockDown Browser - Student Instructions

Respondus Privacy Policy

Respondus Accessibility (includes VPAT) 

Lumen Learning

Lumen Learning homepage

Lumen learning support

Lumen Learning privacy policy

Lumen Learning Accessibility (incl. VPAT)


Lyryx homepage

Lyryx Support

Lyryx legal disclosures

Lyryx improved accessibility (no statement nor VPAT)

McGraw-Hill Connect

McGraw-Hill Connect Website

McGraw-Hill Connect Support

McGraw Hill Privacy Center

McGraw-Hill accessibility statement (incl. VPAT)

Connect will not work with Safari Browser - Chrome is the recommended browser for Brightspace.

Note for Brightspace Support Team: the course must have a SIS ID in order to test the connection. It cannot be used with manually created test courses.

McGraw-Hill SimNet

McGraw-Hill SimNet homepage

Online technical support center

McGraw-Hill privacy center

McGraw-Hill accessibility statement

Macmillan Learning

Macmillan Learning Homepage

Instructor guides -

Macmillan Learning Privacy Notice

MacMillan Learning Accessibility

Don Cook
System Support Engineer
o: 866-843-3715 x1739

Markdown Editor

Markdown Editor website

Wye Learning Support (markdown editor)

Wye Learning privacy policy

no formal statement


Merlot homepage

MERLOT help center

MERLOT Privacy Policy

Merlot Accessibility Statement 

(incl. VPAT)

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 homepage

Office 365 Education support

Microsoft Privacy Statement

Microsoft Accessibility Conformance Reports

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams for Education homepage

Microsoft Teams help center

Microsoft Privacy Statement

Microsoft Accessibility Conformance Reports

Mobius Cloud


Mobius support

Mobius privacy policy

Mobius accessibility (incl. VPAT)

myBusinessCourse (Cambridge)

Cambridge Business Publishers Knowledge Base

Cambridge Business Publishers Support Solutions

myBusinessCourse Privacy Policy

myBusinessCourse Accessibility (incl. VPAT)

Vinnie Kitts (vinniekitts@cambridgepub.com)

Sales Rep

Cambridge Business Publishers



MyOpenMath Privacy Policy

MyOpenMath accessibility



Noteflight support

Noteflight Privacy policy

Open Learning Initiative

Open Learning Initiative (OLI) Integration

SUNY Online Help Center

OLI policies


Orion (Wiley)

WileyPLUS with ORION

WileyPLUS Instructor Training Resources

Wiley Privacy Policy

WileyPLUS Accessibility

WileyPLUS Accessibility Statement, saying VPAT in progress

Keda Dalsanto
Customer Success Specialist
WileyPLUS Education

Oxford Learning Link

Oxford Learning Link website

Oxford Learning Link privacy statement

Oxford Learning Link accessibility statement (incl. VPAT)


Panopto homepage

Geneseo Panopto URL: https://geneseo.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto

Panopto support

Panopto privacy policy

Learn About Accessibility Features (VPAT below)

Brian Bucar and Laurie Fox have accounts.

Pearson MyLab and Mastering

Pearson Website

Ahmad Shafeek, Customer Success Representative

Mary Reynolds, Learning Technology Specialist

Connor Wisniewski, Sales Representative Math & Science

Pearson Training & Support

One-way Grade Syncing Information


The assignment group for Pearson grades and assignments must be "first".

Faculty who want to use the Mastering program must use “Modified Mastering” and students must buy the Modified Mastering text book.

pearsonmylabandmastering.com - Faculty log-in outside of Brightspace

Pearson Revel

Pearson Revel Website

Pearson Revel Training & Support for Educators

Pearson Privacy Statement

MyLab Math, MyLab Statistics, MathXL, MyMathTest: Accessibility

Note for Brightspace Support Team: the course must have a SIS ID in order to test the connection. It cannot be used with manually created test courses.


Perusall Website

Perusall Troubleshooting LMS integrations

What Are Perusall's Security Practices?

Perusall's Accessibility Statement (includes VPAT)


Piazza homepage

Piazza Support

Piazza privacy policy

Piazza accessibility statement


Quizlet website

Quizlet Help Center

Quizlet privacy policy

no formal statement


ReadSpeaker Website

ReadSpeaker Learning Library

ReadSpeaker Support

ReadSpeaker webReader 3.2 - 3.4: How-To Videos

ReadSpeaker TextAid: How-To Videos

ReadSpeaker TextAid Extension: How-To Videos

ReadSpeaker TextAid Bookmarklet: How-To Videos

ReadSpeaker Training for Canvas

Using ReadSpeaker to Read Classic Quiz Questions

ReadSpeaker Privacy Policy

ReadSpeaker webSpeaker Statement of Accessibility

Ginger Dewey
Educational Development Manager


Screencast-O-Matic homepage

Screencast-O-Matic Help Center

Screencast-O-Matic privacy policy

sent an inquiry


Stepik homepage

Stepik help center

Stepik privacy policy

no formal statement

is Kirk using Stepik?


TED Ed homepage

TED support

TED Ed privacy policy

sent an inquiry

TopHat (Grades Sync)

TopHat Website

TopHat Canvas Integration & Grades Sync

Top Hat Privacy Policy

Accessibility and Inclusion with Top Hat (includes VPATs)

The integration is accomplished directly from TopHat - no configuration is necessary in Brightspace.


Twitter homepage

Twitter help center

Twitter privacy policy

Accessibility at Twitter

sent an inquiry re: VPAT


Vimeo homepage

Vimeo Help Center

Vimeo privacy policy

sent an inquiry


WebAssign homepage

Instructor support

Student Support

Cengage Group Privacy Overview

WebAssign accessibility

WebAssign VPAT


WeBWorK Wiki

WeBWorK Grading in Canvas

WeBWorK Setup

Mathematical Association of America Privacy Policy

Webwork Accessibility Guide (includes VPAT)

Math Department Contact: Aaron Heap

Wiley Accounting Weekly Updates

Wiley Accounting Updates website

Wiley Help

Wiley Privacy Statement

Wiley Accessibility

Wiley VPAT


WileyPLUS Website

WileyPLUS Training & Support

Wiley Privacy Policy

WileyPLUS Accessibility

WileyPLUS Accessibility Statement

Wiley VPAT

Keda Dalsanto
Customer Success Specialist
WileyPLUS Education

WIRIS EDITOR chemistry

WIRIS chemistry website

MathType for LMS basic usage

WIRIS Privacy Policy

wiris Accessibility

wiris vpat

W. W. Norton

W. W. Norton Getting Started

W. W. Norton Instructor Help Notes

W. W. Norton Privacy Policy

W. W. Norton Accessibility

available VPATs by tool

XanEdu FlexEd

XanEdu FlexEd website

Online help and tutorials

XanEdu Privacy Policy

no formal statement but


YouTube Home Page

Embedding Content Using the Public Resources 3rd Party App (Canvas) 

YouTube Community Guidelines

Google Privacy Policy

Google Workspace Admin Guide to Accessibility (includes VPAT)

YouTube Accessibility Features


To request more information about the 3rd Party Apps installed or inquire about adding an external app to our Brightspace tenant, please email brightspace@geneseo.edu.

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