Originally published October 26, 2023 in Today @ Geneseo

Phishing is a scam using fake emails, social media posts, or direct messages with the goal of luring you to click on a link or download a malicious attachment. Clicking on a phishing link or file can reveal your personal information or install malware onto your device. Before clicking any links or downloading attachments, make sure the email looks legit. Ask yourself these questions:

fishing hook with login prompts
  • Is the offer too good to be true?

  • Does it sound urgent/threatening?

  • Does it ask for your information?

  • Were you expecting this message?

  • Does the email address match the company it’s coming from?

If the email came to your Geneseo email address, report it as quickly as possible. If the email came to your personal email address, don’t do what it says. Don’t click on any links or reply to the email; just delete it. You can also block the sender.