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This page is to explain the process of Windows Updates for Business on college-owned endpoints and to demonstrate the type of notifications a user might see.

What are Windows updates and why are they important?

Each month, Microsoft releases an update known as a quality update for all supported Windows operating systems which include important security updates and fixes for known issues. In addition to the monthly quality updates, twice per year, Microsoft also releases an update known as a feature update. Feature updates are operating system (OS) version updates that also typically include additional security updates and known fixes for issues as well as new OS features. 

These updates are instrumental in keeping your college owned computer and personal data secure and safe from vulnerabilities and in return, securing our college network. 

We have implemented a new Windows update process through our Windows MDM platform, Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune). The changes to this process will allow college owned endpoints to receive critical updates from any network and will expedite the installation of these updates. 

Table of Contents

How to perform Windows Updates

Your college owned Windows computer will now automatically detect and download the available quality and feature updates and install them silently in the background. Once these updates are installed, a computer restart is needed to finish the installation:

  1. Now that the monthly update has downloaded and installed on your Windows computer, you will see a notification about a restart deadline being set by your organization. 

      1. From this window, you may choose to Pick a time to schedule your restart, Restart tonight, or Restart now

  2. If you choose to ignore the prompt above, as you get closer to the deadline, the notifications will change and will increase in frequency

  3. If you have not restarted by the deadline, your computer will automatically restart on your behalf


The automatic restart cannot be delayed or cancelled once initiated by the deadline being overdue. To prevent disruption, we highly recommend restarting your machine prior to the deadline at a convenient time of your choosing. 

Troubleshooting Windows Updates

Not enough space on disk to install Feature update

Feature updates require a certain percentage of free space on the local disk in order to install the update. You can follow these steps to free up space to perform the update:

  1. If you have an external hard drive or USB flash drive that has 10GB of free space, you can plug that into your computer and continue with the feature update

  2. If you do not have an external hard drive or USB flash drive, choose the I don't want to use external storage link at the bottom of the screen

  3. From here, Windows will recommend three options

      1. Empty your downloads folder and recycle bin to free up space

      2. Click on Storage Use to get more details on where space is being consumed on your computer

    1. If you cannot free up enough space by removing unnecessary files, you can use OneDrive to free up space locally by saving your files there

  4. Once you have freed up enough space, the feature update should be installed


For additional help with freeing up space on your college owned computer, please contact our CIT HelpDesk at 585-245-5588.

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