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  1. Launch Cyberduck, click Open Connection

  2. Select SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) as the connection type

  3. Enter in the Server field

  4. Confirm the Port field indicates 22

  5. Enter your Geneseo network username

  6. Enter your Geneseo network password

  7. Check the Save Password checkbox

    If you do not check Save Password, Cyberduck will prompt you for your password for each file transfer you perform. Cyberduck saves your password to the macOS Keychain or Windows Credential Manager, which are secure, encrypted credential storage areas.

  8. Click Connect

  9. Confirm the fingerprint shown matches one of our valid fingerprints below, check Always, and click Allow.
      17:b3:d8:1e:99:58:a8:0c:26:96:c9:ea:2a:3d:48:5c (md5)
      ibAfdkTaV7QDXf6TpqCTSOz4c6SgAvnppAZ1vY4Fnv8 (sha256)

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  10. If successful, you will see your public_html folder listed on the left. This folder contains the files served at

  11. You can now drag and drop files between your system and public_html in Cyberduck


    The security configuration of only allows users to modify the contents of their public_html folders; no other top-level files or folders can be created or modified.


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