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Self Help - Optical Scanning / Raw Data

Statistical Scanning

Many faculty members find it convenient to scan survey responses or other data for input into statistical programs. The standard "General Purpose Answer Sheet" is used to record the data, which is then read by the scanner. Any fields may be used on the sheets; there is no minimal requirement. As with other scanning, only one response is valid for each answer; multiple responses will give inaccurate data. Care should be taken to design surveys to the limits of the "General Purpose Answer Sheet." Questions may have no more than 7 possible responses.

The data file created can be read by any statistical package on Windows or Macintosh. Data will appear in the following format:





25 - 31

N 7

Last Name

32 - 42

A 11

First Name

43 - 48

A 6


49 - 49

A 1

Student ID

50 - 58

N 9

Test Form

59 - 60

A 2


61 - 63

A 3

Ques. 1 - 168

64 - 231

N 168

Columns 1 through 24 contain file and record data used by the scanner; this information will be irrelevant to your data.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

We are located in South Hall 124B. All requests will be processed and available for pick-up very quickly - usually within half a day.
In by 8 am Out by Noon
In by Noon Out by 4 pm

Results can be picked up in person, delivered via email to your Geneseo email account, or copied into your Geneseo Inbox. If no instructions are provided, we will send them via email. NOTE: Test results cannot be sent to off-campus email addresses due to FERPA requirements.

Results may be picked up in person during normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.). Tests may be dropped off for processing any time in the "mailbox" next to South Hall 124B. The box is completely secure and safe, and may only be accessed by a staff member from CIT. Cover sheets and campus envelopes will be available at the drop-box.

If you are sending a student to pick up your report when it is completed, we require some form of authorization from you, e.g. note indicating student name, course, and your signature; or a phone call prior to the student coming over.

More Help
Any questions or concerns relevant to scanning of statistical data may be directed to CIT in South Hall 124B or call 585-245-5577.

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