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When logging into a campus owned computer that has Office 365 installed on it, you may see errors at times when you try to use any of the Microsoft Office applications. Here is the most common fix to try first.

Before You Start

  • Microsoft Office 365 requires a person to be authenticated while they use any of the Office Applications on a computer.

  • Often, your computer will pass your Geneseo\Microsoft credentials used to log onto your computer to Office 365 applications when they are launched.

  • At some point, you will likely see an error if the credentials are not passed on correctly. Follow the steps below to sign out and back in to allow Office 365 apps to work correctly again.


  1. If you receive an error when opening an Office document (the most often used app is Microsoft Word), keep the application open.

  2. A typical error can be that you only have read access to the open file.

  3. Another error mentions "Couldn't Verify your account", like the image below shows:


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  2. If you are seeing any of these errors, look at the upper right corner of your Office application to see if there is a warning icon next to your name and click on it to choose the "Sign Out" option.


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  2. When signing out, you will receive a warning message about "Removing your account". Select Yes instead of the default selection of No to continue to sign out.


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  2. Then, go back to the upper right corner and select the "Sign In" option, where you will then be redirected to sign in with your Microsoft account (use your full Geneseo email address).


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  2. Continue to authenticate and sign in to now use your Microsoft Office apps as you normally would.

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