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Matlab is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages such as C, C++, and Fortran. You can use Matlab in a wide range of applications, including signal and image processing, communications, control design, test and measurement, financial modeling and analysis, and computational biology.


This software requires a Virtual Private Networking (VPN) to function


Matlab is a very large download and install. We recommend installing this software while connected to high-speed internet. 



Supported macOS versions for Matlab R2023a are macOS Ventura (13) and macOS Monterey (12). If you are running older macOS versions, you will need to update your macOS in order to install Matlab R2023a on your computer. If you do not wish to update your macOS version, you can use Matlab in the Geneseo Virtual lab or any of our on campus public lab machines.

  1. Download the file from

  2. Once the file finishes downloading, navigate to your downloads folder and double-click to extract its contents

  3. When the file finishes extracting, open the MATLAB_R2023a_macOS folder, then double-click Geneseo_Install.command

    1. You must run Geneseo_Install.command from a user account with administrative privileges

    2. After double-click, a Terminal window will open to execute the command

  4. The installation has completed once you see “[Process Completedcompleted]” in your Terminal window; you can now quit Terminal

  5. Once the installer has completed, close the installer and launch MATLAB_R2023a can now be launched from your Applications folder


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