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  1. IMPORTANT: Before continuing, you must first delete any files named 'Client' or '', or folders named 'Client' in your Downloads folder.

  2. Go to

  3. Click on the Appworx button

  4. Download the Applications Manager client file ( to the Downloads directory by clicking on "Download the Applications Manager Client"

  5. Unzip/Extract the the file In Windows, right click the file and click Extract all. Make sure "Show Extracted files" is checked.

  6. Double click or right click and select Open to run the deployApwxprod.bat file.  It may present a blue Windows Security window. Click More and then run anyway. This will perform the following tasks.

    1. Copies an updated JVM.

    2. Copies directories appworx and apwxprod to your home directory.

    3. Creates a shortcut to the client on your desktop.

  7. Once complete, double click the shortcut to start the Applications Manager client.  A "cmd" window may also open.  It can be closed manually any time or it will close automatically when you close the Appworx client.


Add Appworx to Start

How to add APWXPROD to the start menu;

  • Click the Start Window

  • Type run to get a run window

  • Enter %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\ in the run window

  • Open the Programs folder

  • Open another Explorer window to your Desktop.

  • Copy the APWXPROD shortcut to the %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Programs folder

And after adding item to the Start menu you can pin the tile to the Start Window

  • Click the Start Window

  • Right click on the menu item APWXPROD and click pin to Start


See below for a more visual description of these instructions.


Click on the Download the Applications Manager Client link.Image Removed


Right click and select Extract All ...Image Removed


Open the deployment deployApwxprod.bat file.Image Removed


There is a blue window before the one below with a "More" link.  Click on the More to display the window below.

Then click on the Run anyway button showing below.Image Removed


The Windows command window will display.  You may see an error stating unable to create shortcut. 

That is okay.  Check your desktop for the APWXPROD link.Image Removed


Trouble Shooting

The two directories that were copied in the deployment should be found in c:\users\<login account>\

  • There should be directories:

    • c:\users\<login account>\appworx\

    • c:\users\<login account>\apwxprodclient\

  • Within the first directory there should be another directory with two files

    • c:\users\<login account>\appworx\APWXPROD\user_keystore

    • c:\users\<login account>\appworx\APWXPROD\user_keystore_config

  • Within the second directory there should be the following:

    • A zip file of the Java release used by the Appworx client.

    • RunClient.jar file

    • A StartClient.log file

    • jre directory (jre8 currently)

    • A log directory

    • A file


Debug Help

The StartClient.log file and the log directory should provide information if the client is not starting.

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