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How to embed Google forms on a Drupal page.


  1. Open the Google Form from your Google Docs list.

    1. Select "Embed form in a webpage" from the Forms menu.

    2. Copy the source code from the "Embed" box.

  2. Open up a new editing window within Drupal.

    1. Set the input format to "Full HTML". 

    2. Click on disable rich-text to enable it.

    3. Copy the code provided by Google Calendar.

    4. Save your new page.

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    By default, Google Forms will require a Geneseo username. If your form is open to the public, un-check the box next to "Require State University College at Geneseo login to view this form". If you intend for your form to completed only by Geneseo students, faculty or staff, read on.


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    1. If you would like to restrict the form to Geneseo users, leave the box checked. However, the Google form will only appear embedded on the Geneseo website if users are logged into their Geneseo email directly through their browser. Those who use mail clients (such as Thunderbird) or have a non-Geneseo Gmail account need to sign in to their Geneseo email account to complete the form.

    2. It is recommended you add a simple disclaimer to make viewers aware of this fact, as such as:
      If you cannot see the form below, please sign in to your Geneseo Gmail account and refresh this page. 

    3. Optionally, you can also collect respondent's Geneseo username to verify the respondent's identity. This will automatically include the respondent's Geneseo username (their email) in the spreadsheet of responses.

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